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Monday, September 5, 2011

Screen Gem: Pam Grier

Who: Pam Grier
In: Foxy Brown (1974)
Why: Grier’s character Foxy Brown is a no nonsense ass kicking no name taking chic that looks super bad while fighting crime. The plot, while similar to other flicks Grier has starred in during this time period (such as Coffy (1973), in which Grier goes undercover seeking revenge for a loved one), keeps you entertained. As you watch her use her street smarts and know how to get closer to the “Man”, in this case the Woman, you cannot help but notice her costumes. Even her adversary’s, affectionately referred to as “Ms. Katherine” by her goons, wears are to die for. As I watched the film I made mental notes of certain looks to try and pieces to get. So far I need a fedora, a midi dress, a sleek black leather jacket, a gold belt, a medallion…….the list goes on.

A beautiful head wrap paired with simple gold hoops and a Saturday night special.
To top it all off,  a face to die for.
I love it.

How chic and simple are these navy blue pants paired with a gold belt.

Look at the necklace. This piece has so many endless possibilities, a fitted white tee, cashmere sweater
with fitted blue jeans or a beautiful dress.


All  film content courtesy of MGM Entertainment (1974)

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