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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Old & The Beautiful:Vintage Vixen

While browsing the web for inspiration for my next "Old & Beautiful" post, I came across the Vintage Vixen site and decided to see if the site lived up to its fabulous name. It does. Vintage vixen is full of beautiful pieces from yesteryear that are beautiful to wear and relevant to fashion today. There are so many categories to choose from such as Womens, Mens, Childrens, Maternity and Jewelry. View a few of the gems that I chose from the site. When your done head over to to find a few treasures of your own.

Ecru pucker stitched 1940's swing cape - Size 4 - Condition: Excellent - $65.00

        1950's Black Ballerina Cocktail Dress/detachable lace jacket - Size 1/2 - Condition: Excellent - $95.00

1970's Gold Lame Skirt - Size 4/5 - Condition: Excellent - $75.00

       1970's Peach Chiffon Estevez Strapless Evening Gown - Size 8/9 - Condition : Good - $145.00

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  1. It is so good to find blogs that really know what mean vintage! Thank you for sharing that!! Amazing finds!!